Teaching Techniques


Using a holistic approach, English Anytime’s classes include all four elements of language skills: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking in addition to the four principles of language systems.


Reading & Writing

Lessons focus on topics that are fundamental to English reading comprehension and writing comprehension.  Writing topics such as the five paragraph essay, formal vs. informal English, writing for an audience, writing a resume/cover letter, etc.

Speaking & Pronunciation

The communicative method is a student-centered approach, my role is to help students develop English speaking skills for a range of purposes. Conversational lessons have elements of all English skills, but the main goal is for the student to learn to express him/her self in spoken English with proper grammar, an accurate vocabulary and superior pronunciation. My classes maximizes dialogue through a variety of techniques, including class discussions, presentations, small group discussions, pair work, group work, special projects, and task-oriented assignments.




Speaking with confidence and using the correct grammar structures are important but it’s also crucial that they understand what they are hearing so that they are able to respond appropriately. Using videos, responding to questions and day to day conversations with the teacher will help.


English vocabulary is an important part of learning and understanding the English language. Learners will learn new English vocabulary every lesson. Using resources such as books or texts and materials,  students vocabulary grows over time.