Course Options

Each option offers a unique and personalized approach that makes learning English possible for everyone.


Classes for young learners

Offering youth and teens the opportunity to learn and develop their English language skills through fun and structured English classes to match the needs of the student and/ or the student's daytime school curriculum. These classes are tailored to the needs of the family and the student(s). Lessons are most often in a private or semi-private format.


Conversational English

These courses are designed for English learners from high beginner to advanced levels. English classes focus on improving conversation ability with an emphasis on proper use of English grammar, vocabulary development, pronunciation improvement and accent reduction. These classes are a great add on for university students or adults wishing to practice and/ or improve their skills for everyday use or travel.


Business English

To help professionals confidently use English in their workplace settings. Special attention is given to participating in meetings, including asking and answering questions, agreeing and disagreeing, and delivering presentations. Students will learn useful expressions and gain the skills they need to have more fulfilling interactions with their colleagues.